An 11yo Small City Girl in Washington D.C.

In Washington D.C. I had a very positive experience. My mind was at work with all of the things I am trying to do for this world. The atmosphere in D.C. was a total cultural difference, and it took time adjusting to the feeling of it all. I am just a small city girl, so to go into a place as populated and diverse as Washington D.C., my mind was whirling at the realization of how one person can make such a difference. From the day that I got there, I knew that it was going to be the experience of a lifetime. Just as a cowgirl when she goes to her first rodeo, or the Midwestern fisherman when he first lays eyes on the ocean, I was seeking new opportunities that I knew would change my perspective on this lawsuit, by being with some of the other plaintiffs, and really getting to know some of their personal stories. I set eyes on the White House, and my breath was taken away. For that was the very building in which our country's decisions are made. I could almost taste the glory to first set eyes on that building, and know that you could call it home. All of our country's politics take place there. What a crazy experience for a 11 year old to have. Did I have a great time? Yes. Will I be forever changed? Absolutely.       

- Avery McRae, 11yo #youthvgov plaintiff, Eugene, Oregon. You can read more of Avery's story in The 11-Year-Old Suing Trump Over Climate Change (The Atlantic) or watch her on CBS Evening News: Students suing government to take action on climate change.

Morgan Curtis