A Glowing Feeling: 9yo Levi at the People's Climate March

I flew to Washington D.C. all by myself for the People's Climate March. When I got there, Lillian picked me up and we found Journey and his mom, it took a while to find them. Then we went to the Air BnB, which had 3 floors, 2 floors for the plaintiffs and one for the staff. The ground floor was covered in air mattresses so it took me a while to find my bed.  

On one of the days we went to the steps of the Supreme Court for a Speak Out. We each had a line, mine was "This is no ordinary lawsuit". People gave speeches, and then we gave interviews. I really like to be interviewed because I like to talk a lot, each interview is different.   

We went to a brunch and I gave a speech and so did some of the other plaintiffs.   

We got to go on a tour of D.C. I liked seeing the Lincoln memorial because we got to use the side of the steps as a slide. I got some all natural vegan ice cream that was mango flavor, it was really good.  

The main thing that we were there for was the People's Climate March. It was a hot sweaty day so I took my shirt off. There were lots of different kinds of people there which was fun to see. Lots of people were there inspiring us to keep marching even though it was so hot. There were many cool signs to look at. It felt really good, like a glowing feeling, to be around all of those people who care about what we are fighting for.  

I got interviewed during the march, and the next day I got wake up really really really early to be interviewed by CNN. Then it was time for me to fly back to Florida. They put a lot of tags on kids flying alone but it was fun. My mom picked me up from the airport.    

- Levi Draheim, 9yo #youthvgov plaintiff from Satellite Beach, Florida. You can watch Levi on CNN, and Australian ABC.

Morgan Curtis