Engage your community with this
Declaration of Support for the
Juliana v. United States youth plaintiffs.

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We want our government to know that the American people support the 21 youth plaintiffs.

That's why we are asking organizations to sign our Declaration of Support for Juliana v. U.S. If you are representing your own organization, scroll down to sign the declaration online. If you are an individual, you can print out the declaration here and ask city councils, elected officials, schools, faith communities, businesses, and other groups to sign it. Please email a photo or photocopy of the signed declaration to organizing@ourchildrenstrust.org and share a photo of the organization on social media with the hashtag #imwithJuliana. You can also mail the declaration to Our Children's Trust, ATTN Organizing, P.O. Box 5181, Eugene, OR 97405. Please include the organization's name, website and address. 

Here are some tips for recruiting organizations:

  • Research your potential declarant's mission statement and connect it to the issues brought up by Juliana v. U.S.

  • Share the names of other organizations that have signed the declaration

  • Ask the declarant to publicize their support for the case and challenge other organizations to sign it too

  • Elicit support by tagging the potential declarant on social media, or hosting a community letter-writing or phone call party directed toward the potential declarant.

If you are a business or organization and have read and would like to sign on to the Declaration of Support, please provide the following information.

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