The game-changing U.S. federal lawsuit supported by Our Children’s Trust.

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On December 11th, the #youthvgov plaintiffs & their attorneys stood before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco asking that their lawsuit, Juliana v. US, be allowed to proceed to trial. Attorneys representing the Trump administration and the U.S. government argued that the case be dismissed. Watch those arguments here:

Our government has known about the dangers of climate change for more than fifty years. Despite that knowledge, the United States has continued to pursue reckless and dangerous fossil fuel development, harming the health of our communities and threatening our futures.

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We are 21 young people who decided to sue the President and federal government, because we believe that youth and future generations have the right to a stable climate. 


We want a federal Climate Recovery Plan that is in line with both the best available science and climate justice. 

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We need to stand together for our constitutional rights. Will you join us?