We believe that our government should stand for our health and safety, not for the profits of the fossil fuel industry. To ensure our fundamental rights, we all need to stand together and organize. Sign up to be in the know about upcoming actions and opportunities to get involved in the #youthvgov movement.


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We as young people are donating our time to stand up for all of our rights to a stable future, supported by the small team at non-profit Our Children's Trust. Can you support us to keep building this campaign? Click here to donate.

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If you’re also a young person who’s hype about climate justice, join Earth Guardians, an organization of young leaders who are fighting for our futures across the globe. Earth Guardians is also a plaintiff in our case, and they are building out the YouCAN campaign to bring the federal lawsuit into the halls of our city governments. Click here to become an Earth Guardian and get involved.

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You can read more about the history and legal details of our lawsuit at the Our Children's Trust website. There you can find all of our media hits, legal documents, press releases and latest news.


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